Thursday, October 27, 2005

Soup Night

I love soup night. Soup is so warm and cozy, especially when the air turns chilly outside. I'm a vegetable-lover for the most part, but the rest of my family is more reluctant. My husband has come around and will at least eat vegetables, even if he doesn't particularly care for them because he knows they are good for him. My boys are slowly coming around and I think they do quite well considering they are still young. Since they've been exposed to so many different kinds of foods, and eat things a lot of kids wouldn't even recognize (like sushi and pesto, just to name two), I think they will turn out to be great eaters.

Anyhow, I gave my youngest son a taste of my Muir Glen Vegetable Soup and was shocked when he said that he really liked it. It gave me courage to try out this vegetable soup on him and my other two reluctant vegetable eaters. The whole family loves pesto and that is certainly the dominant flavor, so I figured this would be a good way to help disguise those veggies.

The verdict: DH and youngest son liked the soup very much. Oldest DS is sick, so he was not interested in any dinner at all - poor guy. I liked the soup quite well, but something was off. Perhaps it was just that I imagined the soup a certain way and it came out differently. In any case, I would certainly make a similar soup again, but perhaps not feel limited to the recipe, feeling free to just throw something of my own together.

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