Saturday, October 29, 2005

I have a dirty little secret.

The shame. The horror. It's in my kitchen.....or at least it was.

I'm talking about the inside of my refrigerator. Gross! I'm usually pretty good about keeping it cleaned out but every once in a while I let it go WAY too long. And darn it if this blog didn't make it impossible for me to try to gloss things over and pretend that things hadn't been there all that long. But now I have dates. Irrefutable evidence as to how long things had been sitting there, left to rot.

The Rich and Simple French Onion Soup wasn't so bad, that only dated back about 12 days, to October 17th. Same for the Creamy Tomato Balsamic Soup - 13 days....not beyond the ordinary for this household. But then it starts to get scarier.....I found the Chicken with Artichoke Hearts from 1o/3, but surprisingly enough, it wasn't rotted and revolting. Even the Corn and Shrimp Soup from 9/30 wasn't too bad. The Mexican Rice from 9/25 held up pretty well too. The Easy Layered Beans and Rice from 9/20, my first entry for this dish, won the oldest thing I can accurately date. But there were other, scarier things that I'm sure were much older. Like the really, really moldy leftover tomato soup from a can. It had a solid layer of mold that held its form when removed from the container. MMM...MMM...good.

Anyway, the refrigerator is now void of scientific experiments and looks sparkling clean once again. I'd like to say that's the worst it's ever gotten, but I'd probably be wrong.

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