Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Trying to fit in a little blogging.....

Well, I guess I finally went a day without a posting. This will probably happen more than I'd like over the next month as I adjust to work and as we move into the new house.

Last night was pizza take-out. A new pizza place we hadn't tried yet posted an offer on our door that we couldn't refuse - 35% off and a free pint of Ritter's frozen custard. I was dead tired from work, so we went for it. The pizza wasn't bad - good pizza is pretty rare in Indiana - but the custard was downright yummy.

Tonight DH helped out and got some Linguine with Red Clam Sauce going while I walked the dog. All I do is take my marinara recipe and add clams, a bit of the clam juice, a few more red pepper flakes and some garlic to jazz things up. With sauce already made and in the freezer, this makes a really yummy but quick and easy dinner.

Speaking of the dog....he's been another casualty of me going to work full time. I am usually pretty good about taking him for a 30 minute walk just about every day. That just hasn't happened lately. DH and I decided that we would try alternating dinner and dog walking duties - one will walk while the other gets dinner ready. I'm sure Bailey is all for that arrangement!

Tune in tomorrow night for a new recipe we're trying: Vegetable Soup with French Pesto from The Occasional Vegetarian. I hope the boys like it - the more vegetable-laden dishes I can find that they'll eat and enjoy, the better!


  1. Have you made many recipes from that book? I've looked at it a couple times but keep putting it back. How do you like it?

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  3. Good Luck with your move. I just did a long distance one down the east coast. And I also enjoy reading your blog! (Sorry about the previous comment, my Internet connection hiccuped!)

  4. Anything with pesto in my book is guaranteed to be a big hit! Hope it goes over well!

  5. Hi Joe. I've tried a few recipes and have liked most of them quite well. I'm fickel with cookbooks though - some days they look great, others I'm totally uninterested. Maybe your library has a copy? I love to check cookbooks out of the library - it gives me 3 weeks to give it a spin and see if it's something I might want to buy.

    TC - Thanks for stopping by!

    Mona - I agree. Pesto makes just about anything taste good!