Sunday, October 16, 2005

What's that I smell?

Is someone cooking????

Yes, there is actually cooking happening in my kitchen once again. It's been 4 long days or more, but it's really happening. I'm finally feeling better. Not 100%, but at least the fever is finally gone. The odd thing about this cold and fever was that it has also greatly effected my appetite - I have had very little appetite at all. That never happens! So between feeling bad and not having any appetite, there was little hope for any kind of cooking.

Poor Mom (who left today, just as I was feeling better) was more than a tad neglected - not only did I not cook one thing for her, but I was also not a whole lot of fun to be around. We did manage to treat her to some sushi and a nice bottle of wine last night, so I feel a little bit better.

We went to see Seinfeld on Friday as planned (I took ibuprofen and whatever other drugs to get me through) and really enjoyed it - Seinfeld, not the drugs. Even the parts that weren't laugh-out-loud funny were still amusing and fun. He did have me snorting, choking and gasping for air in a few parts - especially his bit on kids. Before the concert we went to Catablu for dinner. I didn't have a huge appetite so I got an appetizer tasting plate. The best thing on it was the tempura butternut squash with a savory sauce - excellent.

I wish I could say that tonight's dinner would also bring a fabulous new recipe for me to post, but alas, we FINALLY made the Creamy Tomato-Balsamic Soup that we were supposed to have almost a week ago. I thought that a simple soup would be good for my still-sensitive stomach. I couldn't eat much, but it was very good and DH raved over it. I think the boys were lukewarm, but they liked it. To keep things really simple, I put everything in a soup pot and used my immersion blender and did not strain the soup. Although I liked it chunky, I might try it strained next time. The only other thing I did differently was to keep the juices from the tomatoes aside and add it back to the soup. We did not feel that the tomato juices diluted the flavors too much - good thing because I really hated to throw out all that thick tomato sauce.

I also wish I could say that my kitchen will continue to get busier and busier this week but there are many factors working against that happening. First, I will be working full time again for the first time in a very long time - over 11 years, actually. Second, I'm going to Chicago with a friend on Friday (woohoo!). But more on those things later.........hope everyone is having a restful Sunday.........


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Seinfeld so much. Laughing out loud is the most important part I feel :)
    and that creamy tomato soup sounds great! a perfect warmer-you-upper for this winter!

  2. Mona - I was so afraid that laughing so much would cause me to go into a coughing fit because of my cold! But I didn't and I really needed the laugh!