Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Culinary Confessions

Tonight was a quick and easy dinner of hamburgers on the grill, corn and sweet potatoes. As I mentioned earlier, my menus will probably be meat-heavy the next few weeks as we try to empty out the freezer to reduce the amount of foods we'll have to move.

As promised, here's the recipe for BLONDIES that I'll be making tonight for our two schools - we're bringing in treats for the teachers to help get them through parent/teacher conferences.

Thanks to Sweetnicks, I found out about some fun going on over at Cooking with Amy. They are revealing their deep, dark secrets about food, cooking, anything culinary.

I'm sure this list will grow as I think of them, but a few that come to mind easily:

I like Cool Whip better than real whipped cream.

I love Cheetos - those awful, but oh-so-tasty, processed little orange things.

Sometimes my fridge gets out of hand.

I have to wear gloves when hand-mixing ground beef for meatballs. Or when doing anything that involved prolonged contact with raw meat.

I hate, hate, hate almond extract. If I go to a cookie exchange, anything made with almond extract must be separated from the rest of the cookies so that the other cookies don't get tainted.

I cannot for the life of me make candy. If you have to boil anything to a certain color or temperature, I'm pretty much guaranteed to fail. Even the caramel I melted from a package slid off my apples this year.

I like those little sausage and Velveeta cheese appetizers. Mmmmmm....

I'm a cookie snob - real butter, not shortening (although a mixture of the two is acceptable, sometimes).

Cottage cheese makes me want to gag. I also can't eat yogurt.

I won't use minced garlic from a jar, but I have started using minced ginger from a jar.

I eat things in pairs (2 pieces, one for each side of the mouth). If they are colored, like M&Ms, I eat them in pairs of the same color. If they are different lengths, like french fries, I eat pairs of similar lengths.

I'm sure there's much more, but certainly I've embarassed myself enough.........


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    The eating in pairs thing is funny! I rather like these culinary confessions. I find it so interesting all the little aversions and loves we all have...

  2. Just found your blog and love your recipes :)

  3. I think the one about you eating things in pairs, one for each side of your mouth is hoot!

  4. what hilarious confessions! i love it! 2 pieces for every bite? and no cottage cheese, huh?
    i feel the same way about almond extract-NO THANK YOU!

  5. lisasd - It is a lot of fun to read about everyone's quirks!

    michele - Thanks for stopping by! I hope to check out your blog soon.

    sweetnicks - The sad thing is, it seems my oldest so has inherited some of my weirdness - he lines his M&Ms and Skittles up by color, but I'm not sure if he eats them in pairs or not...

    mona - I can tolerate cottage cheese in lasagna or ziti, but not plain. It's a texture thing I guess.....

  6. Oh wow, the texture of cottage cheese is just beyond my realm of capabilities. I mean, I will puree it to use as a ricotta replacement (when in need...) but to actually eat the stuff? Shudder.