Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quick and Easy

Last night I chose a recipe from the April issue of Cooking Light for dinner. Convenience rather than great expectations were the main reason behind this selection - I already had everything on hand and I knew it would appeal to the kids.

In a departure from my usual MO, I did not alter the ingredients except for using Barilla Plus elbow macaroni for a little added fiber. I even used reduced-fat cheese - something I never do, but surprisingly, I had some on hand.

While I didn't do backflips over the end results, it is easy, creamy and tastier than I anticipated. Nothing special, but a good meal when you're in a hurry and need to get something to the table. DH and the kids gobbled it down and definitely enjoyed it. While I liked it pretty well, there was something that seemed a little off to me - it might have been the onion powder - I don't use it very often. Perhaps a few slices of onion thrown into the sauce as it cooks would be a better option? I'm torn about whether or not to try to tweak this one or not. On the one hand, part of its appeal is the ease of preparation - trying to kick it up a notch would make it a fussier recipe. On the other hand, the sauce is rich and creamy - something that is hard to achieve in a low-fat cheese sauce and perhaps worth trying to finesse.............


  1. Perhaps garlic powder would taste better, and still keep it simple.

  2. Homesick Texan - That could be. I think that throwing in large slices of onion and or garlic would still keep it simple (no real chopping) but add better flavor...