Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Savory Quick Bread

We are having fondue tomorrow night for our Christmas Eve dinner and I wanted a bread to help round out the meal. Initially I was thinking of trying a yeast bread and remembered a yummy-sounding beer batter bread from Cooking Light that Joe had posted fairly recently. This was, however, not a yeast bread at all, but a quick bread. Even easier!

Unlike Joe, we, ahem, have no problem with finishing any leftover beer and pretty much always have some on hand. As luck would have it, DH had just stocked us up with some Yuengling Lager for our guests (we usually buy the cheaper stuff when it's just us) - a great ambler ale that was perfect for using with this bread.

I prepared the bread pretty much as written and I cannot believe that this is supposedly low-fat. One cup of cheese, 1 tablespoon of oil and 4 tablespoons of butter? I ended up using only about 3 tablespoons of butter which was pleny - I think you could easily cut this down to 2, maybe even 1. I didn't want to cut it too much though - a buttery crust on bread is sooooooo good.

This was quick, easy and delicious. A great bread to make if you get a last-minute invitation and would like to bring a contribution to the meal.

I'll be back tomorrow morning to post Christmas Cookie #9.................


  1. This bread was so darn good for being so easy! Jeff could not get enough! The pictures are excellent - I love the lighting in the second one!

  2. Joe - Thanks - I find myself sometimes timing my baking so that I still have daylight left for photos!

    I was afraid this bread might not make it until tomorrow......yum!

  3. This is my new favorite bread - I just tried it for the first time last weekend with a crab bisque I made and it was WONDERFUL! Yours looks bigger than mine in your photos...wider for sure. Do you remember if you used a 9x5 pan?

  4. Elisabeth - Mmm...thanks for reminding me about this bread. :) I don't remember which pan I used - it's been too long. I think it might have been bigger than 9x5, though - my loaf pans seem to be odd sizes...