Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple Muffins and Peanut Butter Cookies

A bit belatedly, here, finally are the recipes for the peanut butter cookies and the apple muffins.

I froze the apple muffins before remembering to take a photo, so all you get is a picture of an apple. Considering my muffin photos - or almost any of my photos for that matter - you're probably better off with the picture of the apple. And a borrowed picture at that (not sure where from, though).

The recipe calls for adding 2 large apples, chopped. Apparently mine were jumbo apples because once I was done chopping it looked like an awful lot of apple to me. To give you an idea, I weighed one of the apples (whole, not chopped) and it came to a 1/2 pound, so I estimate I had about 1 pound of apples in there.

I mixed them in anyway and once mixed in the batter, it really looked like too much apple. There was nothing to do but try to bake them anyway, so we put them in the oven and crossed our fingers. The muffins actually fared pretty well, but were a bit prone to cracking and falling apart since there wasn't enough batter to hold them together really well. Still, they were moist and flavorful and turned out fine for the most part. I'd be inclined to decrease the amount of apple next time so that I could better enjoy the flavor of the actual muffin. If, however, you like a muffn with LOTS of apple, then this muffin is for you.

Because of all the apple, I got 16 muffins instead of 12. I baked the first 12 at 450º for 10 minutes and then 400º for 10 minutes. The tops got a little overly browned. For the last 4 muffins, I baked them at 425º for 10 minutes and 375º for 10 minutes and this seemed to work better.

These peanut butter cookies were posted by Jewel on the CLBB. Normally I turn my nose up at cookies that call for shortening - all butter, all the time for me, thanks - the butter flavor is just unbeatable. These cookies, along with pie crust, are one of the few exceptions. Peanut butter cookies can be unpleasantly crumbly and I'm a big fan of chewy cookies. I believe that the shortening in these cookies give them a bit more chew than the average PB cookie and they keep their shape nicely.

Up tomorrow..........a glazed salmon dish. Until then.............

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