Friday, September 22, 2006


As I mentioned earlier, we've had something going on every single night this week, including tonight, so it's been hard to get a real meal on the table. Now that I'm not working, it's certainly much easier to get a meal prepared, but even so, it can be very hectic between the time the kids get home and need help getting homework done and the time that we have to leave for the next activity. With some meals, you can only do so much in advance.

Although I've mentioned that we sometimes rely on convenience foods such as frozen pierogies for this rush meals, soup is another great way to get in a good, nutritious meal on a crazy night. Soup can be prepared in advance (in my case, while the kids are at school) and can be dished out whenever you're ready. It's particularly nice for those nights when it's impossible for everyone to sit down at the same time - they can just ladle out some soup whenever they're ready.
Last night I tried a new white chicken chili recipe because I had most of the necessary ingredients on hand. I ended up using pepper jack cheese and leaving out the hot sauce instead of using Monterey jack and it worked quite well - just a little spiciness. It was very easy to throw together and was quite good, especially considering the ease of preparation. )I'll admit that I tend to judge things that are quick and easy a litte more leniently, but I don't waste my time with truly tasteless recipes no matter how easy they are to throw together.) I left out the scallions (didn't have any) and the cilantro (don't like).

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  1. I love soup, this look delicious! And it is a recipe I have been wanting to try since it appeared in the magazine... humm, maybe it is time for chili!

  2. Robyn10073:53 PM

    Okay, I used this as inspiration for my own version today and it turned out yummy! I'm going to go post a review on the BB soup thread. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Ana - Is it soup/chili weather in NC yet? It keeps going back and forth here.

    Robyn - I will have to look for your review over on the CLBB. It's defnitely the kind of recipe you can take from good to great with a little tweaking.