Sunday, September 24, 2006

WDB #53 & Raviolis

We're back from spending the night with the in-laws to celebrate several fall birthdays, so just a quick post to join in Sweetnicks 53rd WDB.

While we were gone, be boarded Bailey overnight, treating him to a day at the spa. He got a shampoo, a cut, his teeth brushed and even his nails done. If only he found it as relaxing as humans do, but I'm thinking he doesn't much care for the pampering.

We didn't get hom until a little after 5 today, so dinner had to be easy. I boiled up some Wegmans Ravioli and threw them in a pot with Newman's Own Marinara. The ravioli's are tasty and we have them for dinner once or twice a month.

This was the first time we tried this particular jarred sauce. I'm generally not a big fan of jarred sauce, but I keep a jar or two around for times like this when we don't have any homemade marinara in the freezer. Newman's sauce was a bit bland, but I liked it overall. I generally don't like the background flavors of jarred sauces, but this one had mostly a tomato flavor and would be a great sauce to doctor up with a little fresh garlic, wine and maybe some crushed red pepper flakes. If only I had remembered to do that before I dumped the sauce on the ravioli. Oh well.

We served it with a salad and some crusty bread to mop up the sauce. Sure beats giving into the temptation to pick up something at the drive-thru on the way back into town!

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