Monday, August 28, 2006


Mmm....I love risotto. Elegant comfort food. I don't make much risotto during the warm weather, when standing over a hot stove for at least 20 minutes just doesn't sound appealing. Saturday's weather was cool and cloudy, however, and I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, so risotto it was.

This risotto from Cooking Light is very flavorful and with its Tex-Mex twist, different from most of the other risottos I've tried. It's colorful, a bit spicy and with the corn and roasted red peppers, it is substantial enough for a vegetarian main dish. Since risottos are fairly time-intensive, I tend to serve them as a main dish, serving perhaps a salad or fruit along with it, or as a side dish to something very simple such as a grilled chicken.

For step by step instructions on how to cook risotto, check out this link at Wegman's. I have found that I usually do not need all of the liquid they call for in many recipes, including the one above. My last several attempts at making risotto have turned out quite gummy, so once the rice looks at all close to being done, I begin to check it after each addition of stock. Once it's done, I add whatever additions are called for in the recipe, along with the cheese. If things begin to go from creamy to gummy, I add a bit more stock and/or oil or butter. much as I dislike winter, I do look forward to cool weather, cozy days in the kitchen and more risotto............


  1. The risotto sounds excellent. And I've been wanting to try the Sesame noodles in the post below....

    Glad to see you're posting again! :)

  2. Thanks helios. Feels good to be back at it again. :)