Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Cooking Light Top 5

Photo from Cooking Light
Basil Shrimp with Feta and Orzo

Recently on the Cooking Light Bulletin Board, someone asked everyone for their top 5 CL dishes of all time. At first I didn't think I could answer that question. Then I made this dish for my parents this past weekend and remembered. I've made this dish several times before, but not recently. I remembered - this is one of my all-time favorite Cooking Light dishes.

There are some Cooking Light dishes that I enjoy because they find ways for us to enjoy our favorite dishes with less fat. However, when you get down to it, they are still making substitutions and the lower fat version, no matter how tasty, never quite seems to measure up. Then there are the dishes that use naturally low-fat ingredients and still manage to pack a lot of flavor without relying on fat, or fat substitutes, to provide that flavor.

This dish does contain cheese and olive oil, but in small amounts. The major players in this dish are the lemon and the basil. It's one of those dishes that excels in all areas - flavor, aesthetics and texture. Best of all, it's a cinch to throw together. I do not use the foil method, but instead cook it in a shallow baking dish, covered with foil. Other than that, I follow the recipe exactly as written.

All around, an excellent dish that I need to make more often!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on cooking it in a shallow dish covered in foil! I can never tell if something is done in a foil packet and I hate cutting them open to "check". I haven't made this one in ages because of this problem... now, I'll have to give it another try! Thanks!

  2. Hi Patsy. :) I may have tried this in foil the first time I cooked it, but I don't remember. The main reason for me trying it in a regular dish is that I like to make this for guests and I don't want to serve them dinner in packet!

  3. I love this dish too! It's been awhile though, and Andy couldn't stop talking about it. Thanks for the reminder that it's time to do it again. :-)

  4. Hi Erika. That's what I love about hanging out at the CLBB - the different posts and reviews remind you about dishes you've forgotten about or dishes that you overlooked the first time around. :)