Sunday, June 11, 2006

Still Missing Bailey - WDB #38

We'll see him again soon, but until then, we can laugh at this post of him with my son's bat. It was funny enough to see him carry it around, prancing, tail wagging, but then to see him try to get up the stairs with it was just hilarious. He did manage to get it up the stairs once or twice, but mostly he just got stuck at the bottom.

Goldens MUST carry things in their mouths, no matter how frustrating or difficult a task!

Check out the rest of our furry friends over at Sweetnicks later on tonight..........


  1. I know how you feel =\ We have not seen the pups since we drove them out to PA sometime ago... Just under a month though and we should have them back!

  2. That's totally adorable! My Mr. Woofy does the same thing - finds giant sticks in the backyard and then wonders why he can't get them through the back door :P

  3. oh I cannot imgaine how terribly you must miss him, I was at a conference last week and di not see my dog Jack for the whole time, it was painful.
    Hope he comes back very soon! He's so adorable!