Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Weigh-In (6/14/06)

Well, not a great week here by any means.

Getting on the scale this week was like one big roller coaster ride! It went from down another 1.5 pounds to back to where I started in just a few days! Fortunately I know better than to put too much stock in what the scale says and am not bothered by it. And seeing how it is just about that TOM, I have to figure that's partly responsible.

To accentuate the positive, I AM still doing SOMETHING which is better than what I usually do when things get busy which is NOTHING. I'm also still tracking calories even when I'm having a bad day and that does a lot for keeping me accountable and not allowing me to gloss things over. Half the battle for me is to keep plugging along and trying, even if I'm not reaching my goals. Too often in the past, I start to perform poorly only to quit trying altogether. Not good!

On the other hand, I need to up the weight training and lower the calorie intake if I really wish to see a real improvement on the scale and in the fit of my clothing. I know my body and what I'm doing at the moment may keep me from gaining any more weight (a plus), but I don't think I'll be losing much if I don't watch it. While the scale may not be the most reliable means tracking of weight loss progress, the true indication to me that things aren't moving quite in the direction I'd like is that my clothes feel about the same.

I really need to be careful this next week. We begin the move on Thursday and with all the upheaval, traveling and unpacking, it will be really easy to blow off exercise and to eat poorly. I'll be away from the computer for probably only a day, so I should still be able to track my calories for the most part.

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  1. Good Luck with the move! And don't beat yourself up nutritionally over the next few days. It's better to eat a quarter-pounder with cheese on the run than to not eat at all. :-)