Sunday, June 04, 2006

Missing Bailey - WDB #37

Bailey keeping an eye out for chipmunks.

It's been a while since I've sent a link to WDB or even posted on my own blog for that matter, but this weekend I just had to send in a picture of Bailey.

Bailey is just fine, but he's headed to PA to live in the new house with DH until we move out in two weeks. He'll be traumatized by the 8-hour drive and then by the new house, but it will be good to have him out of here when the movers come and start packing up. Not only would he be in the way, but he'd be traumatized by all of that commotion too!

We'll miss him and I know he'll miss this house. He loved all of the big windows that went all the way to the floor. He could easily sit and watch the squirrels and chimpmunks, eventually whining to be let out so he could chase them. If he was really lucky, he'd get to see the deer running through the yard and bark at them, racing from window to window to get the best view.

Sadly, one of the times I let him out to give chase, the chipmunk didn't get away. For some reason, instead of running straight into the woods, it doubled back and Bailey was able to catch up to it. We couldn't tell if Bailey pawed it (if he did - it couldn't have been very hard) or if it simply died of shock. Poor Bailey would be devastated if he knew he had killed it. I'm sure he only wanted to play.

Our new house is out in a more rural area and we have just over an acre of land, so he'll have a great yard to play in, but not as many windows and no woods up close to provide him with much doggie TV.

I will miss him over the next 2 weeks! He was my walking buddy and just a general comfort and joy to have around. It won't be the same here without him. Fortunately he'll be with his wrestling partner, DH. I'm sure they'll have fun together and that DH will enjoy having another being with him in the empty house he's been rambling around alone in for weeks.

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  1. Hi Alysha, I can really follow your feelings. And what a wonderful "good bye" you have written to your old house, I know very well that a dog (and a Golden !) has much to do where to feel at home. I am sure you two will be very happy in the new home, even without the big windows.. Many hugs to you and Bailey and all the best from Vienna, angelika and gino
    PS: gino would also love such windows !

  2. Oh my! He almost looks like he's already started pining! Good luck with the move - hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. Good luck with the move Alysha! Keep us posted when you can.

    The cake looks greatBTW!