Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Return of Wednesday Weigh-In

And better sooner than later! It seems that I abandoned the Wednesday Weigh-In before it had really even started! But now that I am no longer working outside the home (huge sigh of relief), I have more time to devote to fitness and, hopefully, blogging too. Sad to say that I have GAINED 5 pounds since the last posting - not at ALL what I wanted. I have now officially entered the zone where I do not feel comfortable with my weight and it is starting to make me feel self-concious and just plain frumpy. Not to mention none of my clothes fit. I refuse to buy new clothes, however - seems like that would make it easier to stay this way. Just five pounds would make some of my clothes fit better............

Seems to me I have several "zones" if you will, when it comes to gaining weight. There is my unattainable ideal weight - the weight I would really like to be but know that my body will no longer allow me to be. This ideal weight is really not even a true zone since I'm not striving for it, but I include it because it is often on my mind. The second zone is my more realistic ideal weight - a weight that I can attain, have attained, but have to work pretty hard to maintain. The third zone is my "I'd like to not go over this weight if at all possible" - a weight where I still feel comfortable and can often maintain but still have to devote a fair amount of time and energy. The fourth zone is my "Uh, oh, things are beginning to get out of control" weight - I still feel okay at this weight, but know that I'd better get it under control. I have now surpassed the fifth zone - the weight at which I no longer feel good about how I look and have definitely, officially even, entered the overweight zone. Each of these zones increases in about 5 pound increments, more or less.

So, now I start the journey again - one that I started a few years back, but that time I was about 6 pounds lighter. Harumph. It's daunting to be facing a 20-pound weight loss, but I also know that even 5 pounds will make me feel better. That definitely makes it seem much more doable, less daunting. Once that five is gone, we can approach the next five and so on. I don't know if I'll be able to get back to my realistic ideal this time, but at least this gives me a goal, something to shoot for.

To achieve my goal, I'll be using FitDayPC to track my calories and trying to get in more exercise. I've been really good about walking almost every day, but I need to do more weights. I'll start off shooting for 2 days a week for weights and keep with walking every day. I'm sure I'll need to up this at some point, but I need to start slow and not overwhelm myself. We'll be moving in the next 2 weeks, so the plan will inevitably get thrown off course for a few days, but I will do my best!

So, here is my new tracker:


  1. I'm glad to see you're back for your Weigh-In Wednesday. I've skipped the last several weeks because I haven't felt much inspiration. Here it is June 1st- which was my target date, and I am definitely not at my goal weight. But I really like your approach of 5 pounds at a time. When I look at it like that, I've lost 3- that's only 2 more to hit 5 pounds, and so on. Maybe I'll be back next week with a new post...

    Oh! And best of luck with the move!

  2. Thanks Erika. 3 pounds down is great.

    I'm a little wary of target dates - they can be defeating. I admit that I do use them, but they can backfire, so I try to use them only as a progress check. Ah, subject for my next post methinks! :)