Friday, May 26, 2006


Summer of 2004

The kids and I are officially on Summer Break! Today was our last day of school for both students (the boys) and employee (me). The school secretary actually works all the way through June, but since we're moving, I told my principal that I would be leaving as soon as the boys were finished.

Maybe I'll finally have time to blog again. I can't believe my last post was on the 13th!

We are officially set to start moving on June 15th. The moving company comes that day to start packing us and depending on how long that takes, we'll be leaving the 16th or the 17th. It's coming up so fast!

It will be nice to be off work and have more free time, but it's still going to be quite busy.

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ for the boys and their friends so that they can have a sort of going away party. Sunday we are going to the annual rib cook-off held by our good friends, only this year Chuck won't be cooking. We still want to go - not only to taste what the other guys are cooking up, but as a way to see most of our friends before we head out.

After that we have a birthday party for my oldest, baseball games, basketball camp and I hope to squeeze in a garage sale somewhere too.

Nothing to report on the kitchen front. I've not been doing much at all lately but hope to get back to cooking - even if it doesn't involve new and exciting recipes - now that I'll have a bit more time. We're doing only the basics tomorrow - hamburgers, brats, watermelon, corn on the cob, chips and ice cream bars - so I probably won't be back with recipes, but maybe I'll have a WDB posting or a random tidbit here and there.

My next big cooking project is to find and try a great cake recipe for my oldest's 12th birthday. I'm trying to make up for botching his birthday last year by barely doing a thing. I'm thinking chocolate and peanut butter......mmmm...............

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