Sunday, April 09, 2006

VRC: Most Requested Recipe

It was so nice to be in my own home all day long. Space, space, lots of space. It was also a very nice day, so we decided to grill some burgers and the boys even convinced me to eat outside. It was a tad chilly for that, but definitely worth it. Outdoor dining in April in Indiana - not a bad deal. Of course it's easier now that Indiana has joined the rest of the country in practicing Daylight Savings Time - the sun doesn't go down quite so soon and I love that.

After many delays, here, finally, is the roundup for your most requested and most popular recipes.

First we have Lisa from La Mia Cucina with Hank's Linguine and Clam Sauce. Linguine and clam sauce happens to be one of my favorite dishes, so I look forward to trying this recipe.

Biscuit Girl from You Gonna Eat All That? with Tres Leches Cake. I've never tried this, but I've always thought it sounded yummy.

Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen submits Rosemary Mustard Grilled Chicken.'s supposed to be beautiful this week - perfect for grilling - and I happen to have a bunch of chicken in the freezer......I think I know what's going on our menu this week!

Meeta from What's for Lunch, Honey? submitted her lucious-looking Mousse au Chocolat. What a lovely presenation!

Ramya from Exploring Culinary Gems comes to us with something I've never heard of....Blueberry Kickshaw. With the onset of warmer weather, it's hard not to long for some good blueberries.Oooo....pretty. That's what I thought when I checked out Cooking Debauchery, a "new-to-me" blog. Nice photos and a site that reminds me of a good glass of red wine....but I digress. This blogger (sorry, I didn't find a name on the blog and I don't like to "out" anyone who includes their name in an email, but not on their blog) submitted a 2-ingredient recipe that "never fails to bring kudos"- Midori Fruit Dip.

Haalo from Cook Almost Anything Once says that this recipe for Osso Bucco al Pomodoro has been passed along for years. I don't know what got me hungrier - the meat or the mention of polenta and creamy mashed potatoes!

Zoubida from Kitchen Culture submitted something that I recently tried, although my version was not likely all that authentic, so I would be interested to try other versions. Zoubida's version of Harira, like the one I made, is vegetarian, but she says you can add lamb if you wish.

This next recipe reminds me that I have yet to try a homemade recipe for my favorite tea. Marc from Mental Masala brings us a recipe for homemade chai, cleverly titled Marc-sala Chai. One of these days I'll get around to trying it.... really, I will.

The next submission comes from a blog called Garlic Breath. I love that name! It certainly describes my husband and me quite frequently when we're enjoying good food. Riana, the blogs owner, submitted her recipe for Mussels with Cream and Calvados. Looks divine.

And finally, my own entry. I had a very hard time thinking of something. I'm generally known for being a good cook, but I don't know that I have a most requested dish - I tend to try so many new things that I don't know if I'm known for any one of them. In the end, I decided to submit a recipe that I've shared here before - Spinach Balls. My mother-in-law is the one who actually made this recipe popular in my famly. It's something that everyone seems to like and has been talked about a lot on the Cooking Light boards.

Thank you to all who participated. I will post the theme for the next VRC tomorrow, after I've had time to think of what that theme should be. Until then..............


  1. Great roundup. I think there's a few in there that I'm gonna have to try.

  2. Great job. There are some yummy looking things, including yours. BTW, I know just what you mean about "outing" people who send you their name in an e-mail, but it's not on the blog. I try to be very careful about that.

  3. Great round up! And a great idea! Those spinach balls look great! And I think I will be trying the blueberry Kirckshaw!

    And it's Ok to use Kitarra. I thought I had put the name somewhere... I will change that!

  4. Another great round-up with lots of yummy to try out.

  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Hi Alysha ,
    Very interesting round up.Thanks for your choice in recipe.
    Happy toknow that you liked my blueberryicecream(indian style).and next time I hope to make real treat with icecream maker that I saw in your site.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Great roundup Alysha!

  7. Alysha,

    Fantastic job on the round up. There are definitely plenty of recipes worth trying. I'll be cooking till I am 200!!

    Look forward to the next event.

  8. What a great event and great round up too. I too have so many yummy looking dishes to try.
    I'm curious to know about the harira recipe you tried. There's some variation in the harira making depending on the region the cook is from in Morocco. Did you blog the recipe you tried?

  9. Wow, lots of great comments, thanks everyone.

    Zoubida - I did blog the Harira here. It was part of VRC:Cardamom, which is in my sidebar. I found it on a random site online, so I have no idea how traditional it is, though I was finding that there was quite a bit of variation, as you mentioned.

  10. Thanks for the link Alysha. You were right, this recipe has very little relation to traditional harira and its variations.
    To be called "harira", the soup must *imperatively*
    - be thickened with a slurry made with water and flour,
    - contain lots of chopped fresh cilantro
    If any of these two components are missing, it is a "chorba", not a harira.
    Chorba is traditional in Algeria, it's not so much cooked in Morocco.
    Of course, that doesn't mean your recipe isn't good. I bet it is delicious and since I'm a cardamom lover, I will try it sometime soon.

  11. Thanks Alysha for coming up with and hosting this blogging event. Now I've got more recipes to try! :)