Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back Home!

But first a gripe. I haven't blogged in just over a week and just now IE crashes, causing me to lose what little post I had written. Yes, I know, I should probably type in Word first, but I never think of it. Silly me for not going straight to Firefox which RARELY crashes, thank you very much.

So, anyway, all I wanted to say is that we're back from a long week of house hunting in PA. Isn't that an exciting way to spend a spring break?? Damn, it's good to be home after spending a whole week in two small hotel rooms with 2 young boys and a dog. Yep, we brought Bailey too. I can't say as he liked it much, but I kept telling him to think of it as the biggest, cushiest kennel a dog could ever want. After all, it HAD to beat being cooped in a cold, barren, smelly, lonesome kennel, right? Even with a 8+ hour drive there and back too (he HATES the car, but he's good)???? Too bad I didn't think to get a photo of him in the hotel room for WDB!

So.....Oops, wait, I'd better go hit save first.....

Phew, no lost post this time.....

I wish I could say that this meant that blogging would become a frequent occurence around here again, but we go from busy to busier. Our Indiana home goes on the market on Monday (2 days!!!!) and then we follow that up with a visit from the SIL/BIL and their 4 kids. Good thing we finally have a big house. Who knows what's in store after that....peace and quiet, I hope.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details on our house hunting trip and the much-postponed VRC: Most Requested Recipe. I probably won't post that until later in the evening on Sunday, so you still have time to send me a link. I haven't had a chance to look at the submissions I've received, but they have been trickling in and I look forward to at least a little (a very little) time to look them over tomorrow before we get back to the old grind on Monday.

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