Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm being naughty.

No, no, this isn't THAT kind of blog. It's just that there are probably 1,000 other things I should be doing right now, but I can't resist a little blogging time.

It's been every so quiet in my kitchen lately, but maybe I can bring you news from food blogs that HAVE been cooking.

I just discovered Moose in the Pantry through a Technorati link, only I don't know who to credit for the blog because it is ever so anonymous and mysterious. Looks like it was just started this week and already the pictures are way better than anything I am able to do, but the blogger claims this is not so with his/her cooking. I beg to differ, the chocolate loaf looks great. Welcome to food blogging, whoever you are!

Though I haven't had much time to post to my own blog, much less read anyone else's blog, I did check out La Mia Cucina after receiving a VRC submission from Lisa. Pretty blog! So many blogs, so little time.....
The photography at delicious days is truly awe-inspiring. Many times I must admit I don't even get to the words for being so taken by the photography. This isn't just a random food blog, folks, this is an online magazine, complete with photographs that could go up against any of the big food magazines out there. It's that good.

Just one of the many amazing photographs at delicious days

If you're as taken by good photography as I am, you'll want to check out matt bites. Looking forward to spending more time on his blog - fantastic.

I can see that I need to spend time updating my food blog links on the side bar. And after looking at all these lovely blogs, I'm getting the urge to change the look of The Savory Notebook again.....I just have not found my look yet. Maybe sometime after I stop working full time and get moved, I'll get a chance to create a look that sticks.

It will be quiet here for a while - I hope to find a chance to blog here and there, but it may not be possible over the next week or so. And now I really must stop being naughty and get a few things done before bedtime.....


  1. Thanks, Alysha! I have to admit that the pictures look good only because I have an idiot proof camera. I will take credit for the loaf cake though. I totally rocked that recipe. I've eaten four pieces today. Oof.

    You've also reminded me that I need to link my everyday blog to my food blog. Still fairly anonymous, but perhaps less so. : )

  2. Thanks for the mention, Alysha! I'm tickled you've been able to check out me lil blog =) I'm a big fan of yours, have been reading your blog for quite some time now!
    We're kind of in the same boat.. busier than heck and husbands away, so I feel your pain about not cooking and blogging as much lately. We need to do something about that.. but where do we find the time? hehe
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Moose and Lisa. Ah, well, you do what you can do and go with the flow, right?

    After our chaos is over, however, I will not be working full time anymore and will eventually have lots more time on my hand (at least after we move). I'm counting down the days! :)

  4. Everyone deserves to be naughty every once and awhile!

    Thanks for the tips about the blogs you like!

  5. hi alysha! you have a nice blog here. glad i found it!