Thursday, March 23, 2006

This and That

Whoops, silly me, I forgot that I'm going out with the girls tonight and won't be cooking, so no pork and panko tonight. So, just a couple of quick notes instead.

There is another clip over on MSNBC of Anna's Today Show cooking segment - check it out! I sure hope that Anna can give us the dirt on Ms. Couric - she seems so nice, but I hear stories that say otherwise!

In other food and blogging news, Sweetnicks' blog has a sexy (and sweet) new look. Looks great, Cate.

And lastly, a quick reminder to send me links to your most popular recipe for VRC: Most Requested Recipe - the recipe that everyone asks you to give them or make for them. The recipe you know is guaranteed to get gobbled at any party. Send me your link and I will post a round-up by the end of March.

Off for a much-needed night out and hope to be back over the course of the weekend with more cooking notes and recipes.

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