Saturday, March 25, 2006

Danged little Key limes....

Way back during the holiday season when I was baking from Martha Stewart's Holiday Cookies issue, I was supposed to make Key Lime Bars, the request from my husband. I never did get around to making them, until today. Hey, it only took 3 months, but we finally made them!

I may never make them again. I don't particularly like juicing lemons or limes in the first place and to spend so much time juicing a whole slew of tiny little Key limes to only come up with 1/3 cup of juice is just way too annoying to do on a regular basis. I have seen Key lime juice in bottles in the store but have never wanted to buy it because I know I don't like the bottled lemon juice they sell, but after all of that work, it might just be worth a try! Either that or just be happy with regular limes.....

They did come out quite well, but just too much work for one little pan of bars. And for those who are observant - the picture below is NOT of the Key lime bar recipe, but I knew it was much prettier than anything I could take at home, so I used it anyway.

Photo from Martha Stewart

Next up, the pork and panko dish I have been talking about all week and still have yet to make. Once more it was on the menu for last night, but I totally forgot that it was Friday during Lent and therefore no meat allowed. We settled for the vegetarian version of Easy Layered Beans and Rice and decided to put off the pork until today. But would the pork still be good? Yes! Our pork loin seems to have survived our freezer mishap. This dish got thumbs up all around.

Wasabi and Panko Crusted Pork with Gingered Soy Sauce

Photo from Cooking Light


  1. Hi Alysha,

    Great blog!

    Lately I've been seeing key limes in my supermarket and I've wondered how hard/easy it would be to juice them. You answered my question!

    Still, your bars look very very good!

  2. oh wow. i am a sucker for all things key lime and this is no exception. looks delicious.

    i havent had luck as a vegetarian with cooking light recipes. i dont think ill be subscribing to that magazine ever again. which is too bad. if i dont eat SOMETHING lighter, my hips are gonna feel it.

  3. So how pronounced was the wasabi in the pork? One taste and the kids go running.

    I hate squeezing key limes too.

  4. Ivonne - There must be an easier way, but I didn't find it. They are too small for most juicers and I don't like doing them by hand.

    Violet - Have you looked at the Moosewood Restaurant's Low-Fat Favorites cookbook? Lots of good things in there. Another good one is The Occasional Vegetarian.

    Erika - The wasabi was not overwhelming at all. You really could skip it if you'd like.