Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Post About Nothing

In the spirit of Seinfeld, this could be considered a post about nothing.

I've had quite a few nights in a row now of interrupted sleep. There has been a bedwetting, a dog barking, a phone call, and then this morning, a "Mom! I think I'm going to throw up!". To which I answered "Well, don't stand there telling me about it, go to the bathroom!". Followed by a "splat" which at least meant he hit the vinyl floor.

Ooops, sorry, I hope you're not eating as you read this! Anyway, that's how my morning started today. And only an hour ago, the dog decided to join in the fun and retch on the carpet in the basement. Enough with the bodily fluids, already!

My rude awakening caused me to forget to weigh in this morning! And now I'm just too darned tired to write about exercise and fitness and all of that. I will try my best to get that all posted tomorrow as long as there aren't any more eruptions of who-knows-what from who-knows-who or other middle of the night interruptions that render me semi-conscious once again.

With DH out for the evening and one not eating, there wasn't much inspiration or reason to cook, so that's 3 days now of no cooking! Hopefully I'll be able to throw together something interesting tomorrow, but we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry you encountered the post about nothing. At least nothing interesting.....and certainly nothing food-related.


  1. ah man ....... you seem to be dealing with grace, however!

  2. I was trying to, but yesterday at work didn't feel very graceful. Lack of sleep tends to catch up to me in a big way - effecting my mood, ability to concentrate, etc. It wasn't pretty. But I got a good night's sleep last night and feel tons better. :)