Sunday, March 19, 2006

Grgich and Shrimp

Tonight's meal was born from the fact that DH deemed that last night's meal was not good enough for our bottle of Grgich Chardonnay. I'm sure he was right, but I was ready to drink it last night, just the same.

He said that only a seafood meal would do, so I picked shrimp. As I tried to decide what to make, I remembered a dish that was easy but elegant and delicious. It's supposed to be served over orzo, but I completely forgot to get it during my visit to the store today, even as I reached for a box of penne. Sigh. However, I was almost glad I forgot because we had some leftover brown rice that I was able to use up - just as tasty, more nutritious, and definitely more economical.

Picture from Martha Stewart

Shrimp Sauté with Orzo

Keep your eye out this week - I promise it will be better than last week. I want to make sure that DH has a proper send off!

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