Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back in the Kitchen

For the first time in a long time, I can't remember the last thing I cooked in the kitchen! Sunday we had pork and rice and that's the last interesting thing I can remember making. I'm not quite sure what happened........

Anyway, I'd like to do a good bit of cooking for the next week or so since DH will be leaving soon to start his new job in PA. I'm not sure what will happen to cooking in this house once it's just the boys and me. After all, I will have lost my best and most complimentary eater and therefore, much of my inspiration. All will not be lost, however - my boys are pretty good eaters and I will not be able to live on grilled cheese and pizza alone.

I picked up a new cookbook at school this week. Every month or so, a book club comes in and drops off books and other items for us to look over and purchase if we so choose. A while ago I passed up a Rachael Ray cookbook and have regretted it ever since. This time, no regrets. I bought Rachael Ray's 365: No Repeats for $12. Same price as Amazon, but no waiting.

Tonight I was craving plain old comfort food - something a little starchy, a little cheesey. Pasta? Maybe rice? I started to envision a cheesey rice dish and I suddenly remembered a recipe that I tried once a long time ago and remembered enjoying. It was a vegetarian dish with rice, cheese and veggies. I decided to add some cooked chicken this time, along with some random frozen veggies that have been lingering in my freezer. I love these casserole-type dishes - not only are the warm and comforting, but they let you use up just about anything you like. For the rice primavera, I used the recipe as a base, but didn't necessarily follow it to the "T". It turned out pretty well, but definitely needed more color. Perhaps some roasted red peppers. Nothing spectacular, but it was warm and cheesey and comforting, just what I was in the mood for, so I was happy.

For tomorrow.....something with seafood so that we can open a nice bottle of Grgich Hill 2001 Chardonnay. I'm sure I would not be allowed to open those kinds of bottles while DH is gone. This wine is still our best steal ever - we got it at Meijer on clearance for $14.99 - it regularly retails for $42! We bought at least 6 bottles and this will be our last one. I have drifted away from Chardonnay over the years, but this one is excellent - not oaky.

Until tomorrow.....


  1. Alysha, when Andy was working out of town all the time, I really stopped cooking and relied on convenience foods. Of course, I regret it now as the kids always seem to ask for mac-n-cheese and McDonalds. I wish you better luck than I had... :-)

  2. I am hoping not to do that, at least not too often. When I rely on convenience foods, our consumption of veggies tends to go WAY down.

    They are big on soups - something we all like - so I'll probably start doing more of those. Easy and nutritious. :)