Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Catching Up

Time to play catch up here at The Savory Notebook after having houseguests since Sunday. My in-laws were here and the computer is in the guest room, so no blogging or computer time for me for the last few days.

Sunday we baked a couple of treats to have on hand while the in-laws were visiting. I decided to try Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies from Martha Stewart's Holiday Cookies book. These were good, but too cakey for my tastes. I don't know if I overbaked them or if they are just a cakey brownie, but they also didn't have the most impressive chocolate taste either. Next time I'd like to take the peanut butter filling from this recipe and try it on a better brownie. Cakey or not they are still good enough for me to be eating more than my share.

On a healthier note, we baked some whole grain muffins to keep on hand for breakfast.

Dinner that night was a new recipe from Rachael Ray's 365: No Repeats - Pasta with Mushroom Cream Sauce. This was very easy to throw together and quite good.

Monday night the in-laws took us out to dinner, but Tuesday night I finally got a chance to cook for them. Too bad I didn't have time to come blog about it because it would have been perfect for Sweetnicks' ARF Tuesdays with all the vegetables we ate that night. I served the Very Creamy Vegetable Chowder with a veggie salad and crusty bread.

Just a short post tonight. I hope that life will settle down long enough for me to post more regularly again sometime soon, but it's not looking like that will happen for a while. In fact, my little blog may have to go silent for a week or so, but it will only be temporary. After that I hope to be able to post more often and bring back my exercise and fitness discussions as well.

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