Saturday, January 07, 2006

A meal devoid of color....

....but fortunately, not devoid of nutrition.

Sometimes I put things together and at some point realize that our meal has no color at all! More often than not, I tend to just throw a meal together based on what I have around the house. I do at least try to make sure there are varied textures and colors, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Like tonight. DH said he wanted salmon for dinner, so I decided to try a new recipe from Everyday Food. DH also wanted to have rice. Check. Now on to the vegetable. I pick the vegetables. The only fresh vegetable in the house was cauliflower. So let's see, we have a pale salmon color topped with a pale mustard sauce, pale brown rice, and palest of all, cauliflower.

On the bright side, it was, at least, a nutritious meal and well-received to boot. The boys and DH turned up their noses at the mention of pureed cauliflower but they all liked it quite well. It's amazing what a little cream and roasted garlic can do!

Brown Rice

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