Sunday, January 08, 2006

From colorless to colorful.

Last night's dinner may have been pale and boring to the eyes, but tonight's dinner had plenty of color.

Among my many other cooking aspirations, I would love to come up with the perfect vegetable soup. Preferably a vegetarian vegetable soup. The soups I've tried, including tonight's, all seem to be missing something. We like to joke that what it's missing is some meat, like sausage. Still, I'm determined to come up with, or find a recipe for, a more delicious vegetable soup.

Tonight I decided to just wing it. I started throwing things together and came up with something that is certainly tasty, but just not quite there. I have some ideas for how to improve it, but it will take more tweaking.

This recipe makes a huge pot of soup. I purposely cooked a bit batch so that I could have leftovers - hopefully there's enough to freeze for another dinner and enough for a few lunches this week as well.

In any case, it was a great way to get a ton of vegetables in one meal.


  1. Alysha, it looks very tasty! My dad always made the best vegetable soup, but hea always used oxtail for the meat (which is really beef not ox). I cannot duplicate it with just beef, it doesn't have the same depth of flavor. Keep trying!

  2. Hi Patti. Yes, meat may be the answer, but I'm going to keep trying! :)