Monday, January 09, 2006

Cooking with Rachael Ray

Tonight's dinner is from a cookbook I checked out of the library - Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Get Real Meals. She has written it as a low-carb cookbook, but that's not why I checked it out - I checked it out for some ideas for quick and easy meals. One thing I noticed right away is that most of the meals do not look quick and easy, at least not at first glance. Still, there are several that interest me and I'm willing to give it a try. I've heard similar complaints from others who say that 30 minutes is pretty unrealistic for many of her recipes, especially considering we don't have everything so conveniently at hand like she does on her show.

We tried the Italian Fonduta with Roasted Red Pepper tonight and it was a hit. It's a very mild cheese fondue - perfect for the kids. I've tried other cheese fondues in the past but the flavors were just too intense for them - I think it must be the Kirsch used in many fondues.

We served the fondue with steamed broccoli, cut up red bell pepper, crusty bread, sweet Italian chicken sausage and gala apple. The wine in the fondue was Lindemans Chardonnay South Eastern Australia Bin 65 2004 (Wine Spectator Rating - 85). The wine in the glass was Chateau St. Michelle's Chardonnay Columbia Valley 2003 (Wine Spectator Rating - 87). Yum!

She has several other fondues in this cookbook that I look forward to trying, or at least variations thereof.


  1. I will be interested in your reviews from this book. I have it and have not made anything from it yet.
    I have a question. How do you post your recipes on a seperate page? Is it another blog?

  2. Hi Patti. I put my recipes on separate posts, but it's still on the same blog. The trick to not having them show up among your other current posts is to assign them their own month - a month that has already passed. I assign all of my recipes the date of September 1st 2005. So when I post it, it gets archived, but I can then link to it on my current posts. Does that make sense?

    I picked up that trick by snooping around Joe's blog and saw that he was assigning all his recipes the same date.

    However, some people start a new blog. I'm not sure if that would be easier or not. It is a pain to go back to September and find an old recipe if I need to. I've thought about getting them more organized, but so far this has worked for me.

    Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. lindrusso AT yahoo DOT com.

  3. Glad to hear the fondue got a thumbs up, since I'm looking for a fondue recipe for next weekend. I made a few recipes out of her 30 Minute Meals 2 cookbook this week that were good.

    Patti - I put my recipes in a separate blog. Was easier for me, just gotta go with what works for you. ;)