Sunday, November 06, 2005

What's for Dinner? 11/6/05

I had ambitions of baking today, but with all of my other more practical ambitions, baking took a back seat. A bit disappointing, but it was also nice to get a few chores done. Hopefully I'll have chance to bake sometime this week.

In my efforts to use up things in the freezer, I decided to make a soup that uses smoked sausage. It's an easy soup to throw together - it's also low-fat and delicious. I love a low-fat soup that is also hearty and satisfying. Soups seem to lend themselves particularly well to cooking that is nutritious and full of flavor without being loaded with fat. Hurray for soup!

Pear slices

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  1. That is my favorite soup. My whole family loves it, and we eat it a lot during the cool months. I haven't made it yet this year though, so it's going on th emenu soon!