Sunday, November 06, 2005

WDB #8 - Baby, er, uh, Puppy Pictures

I don't have any updated photos to share this weekend and am not feeling inspired to take one - maybe because it's a cloudy day and the house is dark. Too bad - it would have been nice to get a fall photo of Bailey - of course it would have probably been of him eating leaves, his favorite outdoor snack. It's also very windy today, so suddenly we have clogged gutters and a yard that needs raking.

So, instead, we'll reminisce a little. We got Bailey in April of 2004 when he was four months old. At that time everyone kept commenting that he was going to be very large because his paws and his head looked very large in comparison to his body. Turns out he was just disproportionate - he weighs in today at a modest 70 or 75 pounds. Maybe his weird body shape is why he was still with the breeder at 4 months. Those who passed him over missed out on a great dog. Sure, he's a big wimp who's afraid of his own shadow, but he's got a heart of gold and lots of personality.

Here is Bailey on the day we brought him home....

Bailey definitely acts like a cat at times, but here he even looks a bit feline - dog or lion?You can check out the rest of the canine crew over at Sweetnicks later on tonight.

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