Friday, November 04, 2005

The calendar says it's November....

...but if feels more like summer. It hit 70º here today and it was just gorgeous. To add to the beauty of the day, I was told I had the afternoon off from work - something I was not at all expecting. Definitely a good day. The boys and I went out to get their hair cut and then went out for frozen custard.

I was originally planning to do some sort of shrimp scampi for dinner, but the warm weather made me think of the grill, so shrimp scampi turned into shrimp and vegetable kabobs. Of course now that we're ready to grill it's dark and chillier, but still decent weather for grilling.

The recipe I'm using is written for vegetable kabobs, but we're throwing in some shrimp. As a side, I am trying a copycat recipe for Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice in my rice cooker. I like the taste of the boxed mix (I like it okay, but my son loves it), but I try to stay away from prepared things when I can, so I decided to search the internet and see what was out there. The recipe I found was very surprising! The only ingredient I could think to definitely use was seasoned salt, but the recipe I found used much more than that - things like turmeric and ginger and cumin. I don't know how much it will taste like Uncle Ben's but it sounded good in and of itself.

I have to also mention the wine we're serving with dinner - something I should do more often. Today I had enough time to browse the wine section in the grocery store, so I searched for wines on sale. What I found was not on sale, but I was taken in by the bottle. I do that sometimes - it's hard to decide what new wines to try, so sometimes I'll try something new based entirely on the name or the shape or color of the bottle. Seems as good a way as any to try something new. The wine we're drinking is Voga Italia Pinot Grigio. The wine itself is unremarkable - decent, but ordinary - the kind of wine I would buy if it were on sale. So, the wine is just okay, but the bottle is pretty cool.


  1. I think I saw that wine at World Market--the bottle also comes with water.

  2. World Market! I'm going there tomorrow to shop for the new house. I can't wait to see what treats they have this time!

  3. Have fun at World Market - we love that store! The bottle is cool looking!

    Enjoy the weather while it lasts!