Friday, November 18, 2005

Moving Madness!

Actually, moving is going quite well, but no matter how well it goes, it's a lot of hard work and more than a bit of chaos. Therefore, very little time for posting these days. Cooking has been, of course, minimal, and will continue to be minimal until probably Monday. Tonight will be leftovers night to help clear out the fridge.

I hope to post about the Cookie Swap sometime early next week (if I don't get a chance this weekend and it's quite likely that I won't) before Thanksgiving.

Back to moving madness. We both took the day off of work so that we can spend the day - without kids - moving. When they were little, not having them around meant we'd get a lot more work done, but my oldest has been extremely helpful in unloading the car while I unpack, so I may wish I had him around to help after all. But I must admit that I won't miss the youngest bouncing his basketball all around the new house even after repeated requests to knock it off. I'm going to have to confiscate that thing!

Hope to be back up and running soon and maybe at least post a picture of Bailey in our new house for the WDB this weekend.

One more thing.....just a little Thanksgiving preview.......anyone ever heard of Turducken?

1 comment:

  1. Yes :)
    Are you going to try it?
    Seems like to much poultry jammed into one recipe but go you if you guys are tryin it. I'll take turducken anyday over tofurkey!