Saturday, October 15, 2005

WDB #5

Time for WDB #5 over at Sweetnicks:
We actually have 3 dogs in the house this weekend. My mom is here for a visit and brought her two dogs along. 3 dogs is quite a bit for this little house, but the boys love it and so does Bailey. I did manage to snap a picture, but it wasn't easy.

L to R: Lilly, Daisy and Bailey

In this picture you'll also see the cranberry carpet that is not at all Bailey-friendly. Now I like the color as an accent color, but as a carpet color, it's maddening. We won't miss that carpet when we move. I'm happy to say that in the new house, all of the carpet is Bailey-colored.

Here's a picture of Bailey doing something that he isn't allowed to do very often but he sure looks comfy, doesn't he?


  1. Wow, it's hard enough to get 3 humans together in a pic, let alone 3 doggies! How cute! I wish I could be doin exactly what Bailey's doin right now.

  2. Doggy napping at its finest! Seems like you have a busy house this weekend! Hope you can get some rest and feel better!

  3. Cute puppies! Bailey looks so sweet and comfy in the 2nd photo.