Friday, October 14, 2005

Kind of a karma thing...

Between not feeling well and then our phone lines going dead (which means our DSL also goes out), I wasn't sure I'd get a post in today. Fortunately the phone company came out first thing this morning and I think I'm feeling better. I say "I think" because the fever came back last night, so you just never know.

But back to the Karma/Kismet thing........Tonight we are off to see Seinfeld. It's kind of - what's the word - when something all kind of comes together and makes sense....????

Anyway we had tickets to see Seinfeld 2 years ago. This is exciting stuff in a rural Midwest town - we don't get many big names without having to drive 2-3 hours to Chicago, Indianapolis or Detroit. But Seinfeld was coming to town just a short 40 minutes away. It was not meant to be. Shortly before the concert, DH was diagnosed with colon cancer at the ripe old age of 38. He had surgery shortly before the concert, so there was no way for us to go. We ended up giving our tickets away - as a gift to a professor who took over DH's university classes for a while - but we have the sinking feeling they never went.

Now, two years later, DH has remained cancer free and Seinfeld is back in town. We didn't know if it would be a jinx to try to see him again, but I decided that it was the perfect way to celebrate his 2-year surgery anniversary (which was about a month ago). Of course DH is pointing out how I got sick, but I told him I'm still going!

Before the concert, we are meeting friends (who are also going to the concert) at a restaurant called Catablu. We have really enjoyed this place before, but have not been in a while. This area does not tend to be overwhelmed by really good restaurants. Folks around here tend to favor quantity over quality and are not all that receptive to interesting and creative cooking. Fortunately, the town we are traveling to is much larger and can support a more creative and exciting restaurant selection. We won't decide until the last minute whether we go to dinner or not. It's one thing to sit in a seat and watch Seinfeld if I'm not feeling 100%, but another thing to go out and spend money on a nice dinner that I might not enjoy.

Best of all, Grandma is babysitting - can't beat a free, sleepover babysitter! This doesn't happen all that often considering that Grandma lives 12 hours away (the other grandma is a plane ride away).

Since we won't have to rush back to get a babysitter home, we were thinking about stopping by Club Soda for a drink or two. I doubt we'll do that since I've been sick, but we'll see. We have not been impressed with their food in the past, but they have good bands and a great atmosphere - better for drinks than for dinner. And I hear tell that Harrison Ford was spotted at the bar at least once.

Back tomorrow with reviews of our evening and a dog blog. Since we're going out tonight and tomorrow night, there won't be any cooking going on until Sunday. Some cooking blog, huh?


  1. Beth H10:58 AM

    You'll love Seinfeld - I saw him a couple of years ago and laughed the whole time. Enjoy!

  2. Hope you have a fun night! I've never seen him live but I bet it would be a blast!

  3. Love hearing about the weekend plans. Seinfeld should be great! I'm jealous. I haven't seen a comedy show since..I can't even remember..and I live in NY! So that's no excuse.
    Happy Friday! And don't worry, I claim to have a restaurant review blog and it's been a week since I've actually gone out to eat:)