Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No cooking tonight....but a question for you.

So, what does it say when you spend so much time working on your blog that you don't cook??

Part of my situation is that DH monopolizes the computer all night long, so I can only get on during the day (except for brief times after dinner). This is fair enough since I'm home most of the day, but it means that I have to do all my stuff when I really should be working on other things, instead of at night when the kids are in bed and all I usually do is watch TV anyway. We do have a second computer, but it's not hooked up to the internet because it's in my son's room. I'm thinking that the solution to this is to buy a laptop to replace the old computer. This way I can use it when I want to and it can be in my son's room when he needs to do school work, etc.

As you can see, instead of cooking, I've been working on my blog colors. It may change a lot while I figure out what I want to do. I have taken a cue from another blogger and have set up a "test blog". I copied the template from here into the test blog. Now I can experiment there without messing up anything here. I also try to save a copy of my template into Word every so often, just in case.

I have a question for you readers out there. What do you see on my blog?

I have chosen a font for my header/title that may not show up universally and I have custom mixed my colors - I like the look pretty well, but I'm afraid that it's not being seen correctly by different browsers, etc. Anyway, the font for my site title (where it says "The Savory Notebook) is Tempus Sans ITC - sort of a handwritten look to it. The colors are a light sage green and a darker sage green. Is this what most of you are seeing?

I would appreciate any responses - I want to try new things, but it's not really worth it if no one is seeing it correctly anyway.

Well, it's boring old order-out pizza for us. The more I cook, the more guilty I feel for ordering out, but I don't feel bad that we spent the afternoon and evening outside bathing the dog, letting him run and play and just enjoying the warm weather while it lasts.


  1. I see different shades of green.

    It's very classy looking- I like it. :-)

  2. Oops. I meant to say I see different shades of SAGE green.

  3. I see the colors okay but I notice that the borders on your title is broken in Firefox.

    Make sure you also check in the one of the lower resolutions to see how it looks (800X600). I learned the hard way with that and my pictures messing stuff up!

  4. I appreciate the feedback.

    Great suggestion Joe about the resolution - I'll check it out. Also, what do you mean about the borders being broken - the lines around the box? That's odd because I didn't mess with that. Or do you mean the letters look a little rough? I see the letters a little roughly, but in my browser, it just makes it look more handwritten. I'll try viewing it at work if it will let me.

    Thanks for clarifying sage green, Erika. Green could certainly mean anything... ;-)

  5. Well, just checked it out - ewww - that resolution looks so strange - everything gets so large - it's hard to see the page!

    I did notice the letters looking more broken on the edges, but that doesn't actually bother me - again, more of a handwritten look which is kind of what I wanted - a casual look.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Alysha,

    With Mozilla FireFox - the white border that surrounds your banner is broken - not complete. In Internet explorer it is okay though. The title font is also much larger in IE than Firefox.

  7. I took a picture so you can see what it looks like here

    Make sure you view it in a full window to see it
    Click here

  8. Thanks Joe - that was above and beyond!

    I have no idea how to fix that - especially since I won't even know if it's fixed or not since it looks okay in IE. Maybe I'll download Mozilla - I actually did the other day, but it didn't seem to work with our software and I wasn't in the mood to figure out why.

    Strange - even if I did use Mozilla, I wouldn't know how to fix it in the code, but I'll look into it.

  9. I also just noticed that when I got to a post page, the title changes to dark green instead of a light green on the main page. Not sure how to fix that either, but at least it looks okay with the darker color.

  10. Never mind about the title - I fixed it...

  11. The font is really, really tiny now!

  12. Joe,

    What's your resolution set to? Mine's at 1280x1024. Most of the blogs have really small text at this resolution, but the text looks pretty large at the most popular resolution of 1024x768. I was trying to see what text sizes would work best for each resolution. Still, better to have too-large text on the lower resolutions than too-tiny text at higher. Thanks again!

  13. 1280 X 1024

    The text size is back to how it was

  14. Alysha, I see a light blue color as a border and a darker blue/gray on the header.
    I like your font!

  15. Jennifer - Does it look like the colors go together at least? :-)

    I might try downloading some different browers so I can get a better idea of what's being seen.

    I hate being restrained by the limitations of web-safe colors, so I'm not sure that I would change it anyway! :)

  16. Yes, the colors do go together--very soothing!

  17. Thanks Jennifer. At least they are soothing and go together - that's what I was aiming for with the green.... :)