Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Tech Issues

I promise to have a cooking/recipe post later today, but for now I'm still working on making the blog flexible for different screen resolutions, etc.

The major change I made today was to change the template so that no matter what resolution you are viewing in or what size screen, you should be able to see the whole screen without scrolling from left to right.

I noticed from my blogger statistics site that most of you are viewing this site with a 1024x768 resolution. My monitor is set at 1280x1024, so my view is quite different - I realized that at 1024x768, the web page was just barely fitting on your screen. At 800x600, there was a lot of left to right scrolling that had to be done in order to see the whole page. Hopefully now no one has to scroll left to right. Please let me know if this is not the case.

As for the border break around the title when viewing in Mozilla, I'm not sure how to fix that one. I will look into it and see what I can find out. Until it's fixed, those of you using Mozilla will just have to imagine a proper border! :-) I find it strange that it looks fine in IE.......weird. Thanks for pointing it out, Joe.


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  1. Okay - hurray - I fixed the broken border. First, I downloaded Netscape and Firefox and could see the problem for myself.

    Apparently there was a width limit in the bottom border of the description area - once I deleted that, it was fine.

    There were a couple of other small problems with my template - IE seemed to intuitively correct these problems (they didn't show up in IE), but neither Netscape nor Firefox did this, so they showed up.

    Thanks for all your help. Still can't figure out the colors for Jennifer, though - Firefox and Netscape both show the same colors as IE.