Thursday, October 13, 2005

Home Inspection

Another non-food post.........but at least it's mostly about the kitchen....

We had our home inspection today and I think things went pretty well. I took time to look over the house more thoroughly. The good news is we found that there was a gas line to the stove, so I can go shopping! I also counted nine kitchen drawers (not counting the bread-type drawers) which will triple what I have now! It also has a small pantry closet and a cabinet with pull-out drawers for my pots and pans. I was also excited about the narrow cabinet that will be perfect for storing my baking pans.

                The Breakast Nook                                      The Kitchen

If you saw my current kitchen, you'd understand my excitement. I have one of those long, deep cabinets where you have to almost crawl inside of it to reach anything. It's in this cabinet where all of my pots, pans, and bakeware is stored. It's a huge pain to get to anything and, as a result, it's a big mess most of the time because I can't deal with it. Not only will our new kitchen give us A LOT more storage, it will be much more efficient and organized.

As much as I'd love to do things like replace the cabinets and flooring with things more my style - that pickled wash on the cabinets isn't terrible, but it's not me - we'll have to live with most of it as is - we won't be able to afford to do anything major for quite a while. I'm so not loving the huge, recessed, flourescent lighting fixture - I truly DO NOT remember it spanning the whole ceiling! The 3 things we will do is replace the stove, replace those lovely seafoam green countertops, and buy 3 stools for the breakfast bar.

Feeling a bit better today, but still dragging. Hopefully I'll be posting later with some actual cooking news.


  1. Alysha,

    I had pickled cabinets ( and liked them because they were so light and yet had the feel of wood. It's those formica counters I'd hate (in fact, I do hate the counters I have now).

    Anyway, that's a great looking kitchen -- it looks highly workable.

  2. Exciting, I love looking at homes and just living vicariously through people. Imagine having my own BIG kitchen someday!
    Keep us posted!

  3. Cool! Big kitchen!

  4. I definitely hate the color of the countertops. We'll replace them but only with more formica/laminate since we won't be able to afford the good stuff. But at least it won't be seafoam green..... :-D

  5. ooh, what a nice, large kitchen! i don't think the recessed lighting is THAT bad. have you decided on what stove you're going to get? just in case you need info and stuff, i did extensive research on ranges a couple of years ago, so feel free to give me a holler....

  6. Stef - I saw your comment and popped over to your blog and saw your picture of Geraldine. :-) I did research not too terribly long ago when we redid the tiny kitchen in this house. I want gas and it needs to be black - other than that, reliability and price will be most important. We'll be looking for something in the $750 range - that's about what we spent last time. I'd love something fancier, but can't justify it when the stove I have has worked just fine for our needs. I've been happy with my Kenmore, but I plan to see what's out there. Of course any advice is welcome. I do have an online subscription to Consumer Reports that I find helpful.

  7. That big new kitchen looks heavenly!!!