Monday, June 02, 2008

It's BURGER season again!

Last year I decided to pull us out of our hamburger-as-plain-beef-patty rut and try some fun gourmet burgers. Plain burgers are tasty and they are certainly convenient, but it's fun to play around with different and interesting combinations. There aren't too many other people who do this better than Rachael Ray.

Salsa Verde Burger
This time we tried her Salsa Verde Burger. Yet another winner. Some of her burgers can take quite a bit of prep work, but this one went together very easily. Take a little ground chicken or turkey and mix it up with your favorite salsa verde and the burger part is done. What really makes this burger special though is the avocado mayo - an avocado mashed with some garlic and mayo - really delicious. A straight up guacamole would work nicely here too. The burger is also topped with jack cheese and cilantro for even more flavor punch.

That's it. A simple burger with great Mexican flavors. This one will definitely be a repeater in this house.


  1. My mouth is watering. I love unusual burger flavorings... I am going to need to make this one. Thanks :)

  2. Josie - As soon as I posted that photo, I REALLY wanted to eat another one. ;) I'm a sucker for avocado....

  3. I completely agree about RR and burgers. I've tried some good ones from her magazine. This looks terrific. I was thinking about burgers today but I pulled out pork chops instead. Maybe I'll try this one tomorrow!

  4. RecipeGirl - Hope you like them as much as we did.