Monday, June 25, 2007

Fajitas Revisited

We make these fajitas every summer, at least once. They are great for entertaining - your meat and vegetables marinate overnight, freeing you up to tend to the sides and condiments the day of the party or get-together. It's also nice for a large crowd with various tastes - they get to assemble their food exactly as they would like it and can choose from chicken or beef or they acn skip the meat and go vegetarian, or even shrimp, if you choose to offer it.


I've posted about these fajitas before, but didn't get a photo the first time, so it's time to bring these up again and add a photo of my own. These fajitas are very good, but I'd like to branch out and try a new marinade next time. For some reason, these used to taste fantastic to me, but lately, the marinade flavor just isn't coming through and I feel like I can do better. Still, these are very tasty and worth sharing. Again.

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  1. I love to make Fajitas for dinner. I also make Chicken with peppers, onions and mushrooms.

    I added your blog as a link on my blog. Check it out!