Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, I hadn't intended to let another week go by without blogging, but here it is, 9 days since my last post! We've been cooking, but I'm either missing the photo opportunities or I just haven't been psyched to blog about whatever we've made. Somehow I lost my blogging groove, but hopefully I can get it back this week. Anyway, here goes........

I love mushrooms and it occured to me the other day that we hadn't had mushrooms in any form in quite a while and I've had a recipe for a mushroom soup in my online Cooking Light cookbook, just waiting to be tried. Finally, we tried it last Friday night as our Lenten meal and it was very good.

As always, I made a few minor-ish changes. I used dried thyme instead of fresh (more economical, at least until I get a garden going), used skim milk in place of 1% (use whatcha got on hand, I always say) and I used a mix of shiitake, cremini and button mushrooms. I'd love to have used a whole pound of shiitakes - love, love, love them - but at $6.99 or $7.99 a pound, they just don't fit our budget. I used a stick blender to pureƩ some of the soup, but left large chunks of mushrooms for a little extra texture.

No surprises here, no unusual twists or turns - just a very tasty mushroom soup that does not go overboard on fattening dairy products like cream or copious amounts of half and half. I have to admit that I couldn't help but think that this soup would have gone from very good to fabulous with the addition of some full-fat cream, but it was still quite good in its reduced-fat form and certainly better for us.


  1. This Mushroom Soup was worth the wait! Yummmmm! I love your alterations...more my speed. Thanks!

  2. you had a lot of soup posts going here, Alysha :D i love mushroom soup, too bad my hubby doesn't like it so i don't get to cook much of this.
    looks like you're doing great sticking to your budget and have a great meal too!

  3. Chris - This soup is fairly versatile in that you can use just about any mushroom variety - but you definitely need at least some wild mushrooms for maximum flavor.

    Eliza - I have been thrilled that my boys now like mushrooms - I used to not make mushroom soup very often! In fact, my oldest REALLY liked it. It's so nice when the kids start to come around on certain foods. :)

  4. I NEED to try mushroom soup! Thanks for posting!