Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Chicken Dish's cold in PA! The temp at this moment is 11º with a wind chill of -7º. As the lady at Macy's said to me yesterday, we're paying for those warm temps in January! Ah well, we knew it would probably happen sooner or later, but let's just hope it doesn't last for too long - no walks for Bailey while the wind chills have us below 0º! I can go walk at the mall if I need to, but that doesn't help the poor pooch. Indoor doggie exercise parks, do they exist?

Back to warms up the house!

Friday night we tried a new chicken dish from Cooking Light. This dish is quite similar to an old favorite, Raspberry Balsamic-Glazed Chicken. The difference here is addition of a bit of soy sauce and ginger and the use of rosemary instead of thyme. The addition of soy sauce, rosemary and ginger really do give this dish a distinctly different taste than the raspberry-balsamic dish. We all enjoyed it very much, but I feel it didn't have enough onion, especially since it implies that caramelized onions are a major component. I did up the onion to at least a cup, but I'm thinking it could go up to even 2 cups. We love caramelized onions!

The only other thing I changed was to use boneless, skinless chicken breast halves instead of tenders. Chicken tenders are overpriced and not worth the extra money, in my opinion so the solution for me was to cook the chicken breasts whole, slice, and then return to the pan once the sauce was made. I really liked this method as opposed to putting sauce over a whole chicken breast half - slicing the chicken and adding it to the sauce allowed the sauce to really coat the chicken so that you got sauce in every single bite.

This will definitely go on our list as a regular - it's quick, easy, tasty and it's easy to keep the ingredients on hand.


  1. While your ar suffering cold temps~ the robins are already coming to Alabama.
    Caramelized onions...I can smell them cooking!

  2. Right now we have -5F but it feels like -20F because of Windchills...

  3. Sandi - Well, I can't complain too much, we have had very mild weather all winter with temps even up in the 60s in January! Making up for it now though........

    Daniela - ACK. You know it's really cold when it's negative temps without wind chill! Keep warm!