Friday, January 05, 2007

Help! My blog has dropped off the face of the internet.....

...or so it would seem.

I'm once again asking folks out there for a little help.

I noticed that sometime during or after the holidays, hits to my blog dropped off considerably. At first I thought maybe it was just people suffering from a post-holiday slump - maybe they weren't doing a whole lot of recipe searches. However, I noticed that I am now getting maybe 1 or 2 hits a day from Google searches and that's it! I used to get many, many hits from Google searches.

I decided to check for myself and sure enough, where my blog used to be on the first page of search results for certain things (like gorgonzola polenta or other specific recipes), I am now not showing up until farther down the line or not at all. When I do show up, I'm shown as a "supplemental result" which means that I'm no longer in the main index. Not really sure what that means except that it's not good and I definitely need to be in the main index.......

I am currently reading Google and trying to find out what, if anything, I can do to correct this, but I thought I'd ask you all if this has happened to anyone else. Any advice at all????????

My blog doesn't have a very large readership and it's only a hobby for me, but if it's going to show up in searches any longer, it makes my efforts seem somewhat in vain. Sniff. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer..............


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Sorry can't help you -- so not my area. But I will say, love the blog -- always check it out.

    Hmmm, making some Spinach Balls tomorrow. Wonder where I got that from? I do have to drive over 1 1/4 hrs to the party -- hope they travel ok.

  2. I don't really understand how google indexes and such - but I hope you can figure out what happened!

  3. It sounds like Google changed their algorithm again. Wait a few days and see what happens.

  4. and here i sit getting excited because i seem to be getting more traffic than i usually see. my traffic has tripled over the past month. i don't understand it. but i sure do hope the tide turns for you. it is nice to know that people "out there" are reading us.

  5. Anonymous - Thanks - and I think the spinach balls should do okay but would be best reheated if possible. :)

    Joe - I don't really understand it either, but I'm learning a little here and there........

    Dave - I'm hoping it will work itself out.

    Deb - I was surprised back in October when my traffic really started picking up - mostly due to hits from Google searches. What surprises me now is that other blogs that I think have a similar number of links and visitors are still showing up in the main index, but not me. Very odd..........

  6. Alysha,
    I can't help you with this because I'm completely clueless. Can I ask you a question instead? Other than comments left, how do you know how much traffic you're getting on your blog?
    In any case, I know what you mean. If nobody is reading, it's like, as a coworker used to say "a fart under water." But I do read yours on a consistent basis and think you do a great job.

  7. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Another regular reader here, as well as a fellow cooking light bb'er. Take it in stride and keep up the great work. I don't want you to go anywhere!

  8. Tracy -

    I will PM you through the CLBB about site trackers. :)