Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Cookies #2: Pfeffernüssen

Two more cookies came out of the kitchen today, but I will be posting these one at a time for now. First, Pfeffernüsse. Martha calls them Pfeffernüssen - maybe that's pural? I have no idea. The more searching I did about these cookies the more confused I got! Seems like most all of the recipes had one thing in common - a blend of spices, including pepper - thus the name Pfeffernüsse which translates to "Peppernuts". Quite a few recipes I found, like this one, called for rolling the cookies in powdered sugar while others called for icing. Some called for a touch of citrus and/or nuts and a few recipes called for soaking them in rum.

Whatever Pfeffernüsse is really supposed to be, this particular recipe produced a cookie that was somewhat soft and cake-like on the inside, while slightly crispy on the outside and spiced much like a typical spice cookies. The powdery, sugary coating is a nice contrast to the dark brown insides both in taste and in appearance. I like these quite well, but whereas the Russian Tea Cakes are likely to become a holiday tradition, the jury is still out on whether the Pfeffernüsse will make that list or not.

Stay tuned for Cookie #3 - an ooey-gooey bar cookie filled with all kinds of goodies.......


  1. CheshireAlice12:21 PM

    hey there, I accidently stumbled over your blog and, nice coincident, come from the land of the Pfeffernüsse ;)
    They're traditional German cookies, so I have no idea how Martha got the idea with the additional n, the plural name is Pfeffernüsse (the singular would be Pfeffernuss)

  2. Thank you for the German lesson, cheshire Alice. :) It's so hard to figure out what is correct when dealing with other languages.

    I did take one semester of German in college, but that was ages ago and I don't think we covered cookies. ;)