Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween and Soup Revisited

The ghouls and goblins are out tonight.....or they're supposed to be anyway. DH has taken the boys out to trick-or-treat and I'm sitting here waiting for the little ghouls to start arriving. I was told that we could expect about 40 or so trick-or-treaters, but here it is, 10 minutes past the start time (6-8) and no one. This will be a HUGE change from our last house. In our last neighborhood, we would typically get 300-400 trick-or-treaters! There would be a constant stream of kids, usually starting a bit before the official start time. You barely had time to do anything but plunk candy in buckets and bags as fast as you could. That was a little much. But hopefully things will pick up a little more than this........

Tonight's dinner needed to be quick and easy so that I could get my own goblins out there door. I ended up making a soup from Cooking Light that is part of our regular rotation and one that I've posted about before. I figure it's worth revisiting once in a while, those recipes that we tend to make on a regular basis. That, and now that I've figured out how to work my camera without the flash and without daylight, my pictures are coming out better than when I last blogged about this soup.

Old Picture.........

New Picture..........
North Woods Bean Soup

Hey, at least it's improving a bit, eh?

Okay, it's been 20 minutes now, no goblins. They have to come help me get rid of some of this candy!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Mmmm. That one is our hands-down favorite.

    Our goblin count is pretty low here tonight too. There's 15 minutes left of trick-or-treat time, and I've determined that the next few kids are going to get VERY lucky handfuls.

  2. Hi Erika. :)

    I was planning on giving out full-sized candy bars because I didn't think we'd get many kids. When I heard 40, I thought I'd better not do full-sized, so I got a bag of 120 fun-sized, figuring we could give out 2-3 per child. I've only had 5 come by so far!

    Next year - full size!

  3. We bought 10 bags of those "Snack Size Candy Bars" and there is nothing left! We only gave ever kid one piece of candy, so I guess we had a lot of trick-or-treaters.

  4. Yum! Great (new) pic. I get zero trick or treaters here in LA, though I took the long way walking home tonight in hopes of seeing a few neighborhood kids out and about. My reward was a tiny fireman, multiple princesses, and a supergirl!

  5. Dani - That sounds more like our old neighborhood! I remember spending $40 just on Halloween candy one year!

    Erin - Thanks and cute! We didn't have many of the really little ones this year - they are always fun - they don't know quite what to do. :)

  6. Wow, the difference in photography is astounding! Keep up the excellent work and have a magical Halloween!

  7. artizen flair - I'm trying! Happy Halloween. :)