Monday, October 09, 2006

Breakfast Casserole

As promised, here is the recipe for the breakfast casserole. It turned out quite well and was very easy to throw together. I really wanted something that was very little fuss - something I could throw together quickly while they were at church yesterday - and this worked really well.

It's not low-fat by any means, but with a little creative tinkering, I'm sure you could successfully lower the fat and still have a pretty tasty outcome. I, however, have decided that breakfast casseroles are one thing that I prefer full-fat. I've tried a few lower-fat versions and they always seem to be lacking something - especially those that call for egg substitute - I've decided that I really don't care for egg substitute, so I only use real eggs.

The only thing I would definitely change next time would be to add onion in some form - maybe chives. And maybe a touch more salt. It's nothing fancy - just your basic egg casserole, but sometimes, that's all you want or need.

I grabbed this picture quickly this morning before DS had a chance to eat this very last piece of casserole. Unfortunately I didn't realize it came out blurry until after it was in DS's tummy............oh get the basic idea.............


  1. Ooh...that sounds (and looks) perfect for a lazy Sunday!

  2. Hi Rachael - It's easy too. Sometimes the plain old comfort foods just hit the spot.

    I took at a peak at your blog - the stuffed flank steak looks great - can't wait to check out more.......