Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's this? Pesto? at Wendy's?

I was dead-tired after work today and it was also Tae Kwon Do night for my oldest son, so we headed to the Wendy's drive-thru for dinner on the way home. We try not to eat too much fast food, but sometimes the thought of no preparation, no clean up and a quick meal is just too enticing.

My oldest son tried one of their new Frescata sandwiches and I asked him for a bite. It was actually pretty good! He tried the Roasted Turkey and Basil Pesto Frescata. Pesto? At Wendy's? If that wasn't shocking enough, the bread is actually crusty and chewy - very much unlike the squishy rolls that are the norm. The pesto mayonnaise isn't bad either. And get this, the sandwich also has roasted red peppers on it! That's more gourmet than most privately owned, non-fast food restaurants here in Indiana!

I only had one bite, so I didn't get to evaluate it completely, but certainly this is a step in the right direction for fast food. I almost want to buy them on a regular basis, just to encourage fast food companies to branch out and try new things.

The nutritonal information doesn't appear much better than some of their burgers and chicken sandwiches - 420 calories, 16 grams of fat (but only 3 are saturated and no trans fat), and 4 grams of fiber - but it tasted a lot better than having the same old boring burger. You can find the complete low-down on their website. Not exactly low-cal or low-fat, but definitely more interesting.

Fast food places are not my favorite, but it's nice to know that they are trying and that you might actually have some halfway decent choices if you're stuck having to eat at one. And I also must give our Wendy's kudos for actually being fast. You barely have time to pay and drive up to the pick-up window before your food is ready.

I will have to delay the announcement I hinted at yesterday. I need to iron out the details before posting. But just to give another hint......VRC-CRV.

Until tomorrow.............


  1. I wondered about these! We saw them while travelling and was tempted to try one... we may have too when we are on the road again!

  2. I've been wondering if those sandwiches are good... I'll have to try one!

  3. I had to go out to lunch yesterday since I slept too late to pack a lunch. Wendys is VERY close to the hospital and I had the same sandwich. It is very good!

  4. Hey, look at that - positive comments on a fast food post. ;) I thought for sure that SOMEONE would flog me. :)

    I got my own sandwich the other day and it was really pretty good! They have Subway beat, that's for sure, just on bread alone. But I did hear something about a new bread at Subway.....haven't tried it yet....