Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've been completely MIA! I have to admit that my heart's not in blogging lately - I don't get a whole lot of quiet moments lately and when I do, I haven't been wanting to spend those moments blogging. Instead of committing to any kind of regular blogging like I keep trying to do, I guess I'll just have to say that it will be a bit irregular for a while.

In any case, I haven't forgotten about VRC: Salads and I hope some of you out there still want to participate. I'll try to post them by Monday, May 1.

And back to that French Connection I was alluding to.......Zoubida from Kitchen Culture has been very patient as I have taken forever to make this announcement. Sorry for the delay, Zoubida!

Almost 2 weeks or so ago (seems like much longer than that), Zoubida proposed doing a French version of VRC. I thought it was a great idea! The idea is that she will hold a French version of VRC for her French-speaking readers. Any bilingual bloggers would send their posts to both Zoubida and to me here at The Savory Notebook. Although translating all posts would be too time-consuming, Zoubida has proposed to have her readers vote for one post from our English round-up that would then get translated into French.

She has already posted about here in her blog. As you can see, the initials VRC get a bit lost in translation - in French, it's really more of CRV or "Club de Recettes Virtuel". I hope that her bilingual posters will participate - it would be great to share recipes back and forth.

So, if you haven't already given up on The Savory Notebook, please join me for VRC: Salad and send me a link to your favorite recipe. I made our entry last weekend and look forward to sharing it with you.

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