Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Day off and Chops on the Grill

I took the day off from work today to try to catch up with things around the house. Our house went up for sale yesterday and I definitely didn't feel we were ready. On top of that, we are having my SIL, BIL and their four kids here on Thursday or Friday for the holiday weekend. As much as I always look forward to their visits, it's a little overwhelming with all that's going on here lately. Having a quiet house to myself was most enjoyable - I love to quietly putter around the house. When I'm not rushed and I'm able to take my time, housework can almost be enjoyable.

I love grilling. It makes the food taste better, cleanup is easier and usually it's something I can pawn off on my husband. When the weather turns warm, meals around here get much simpler. It's just too hard to stay cooped up in the kitchen when it's nice, not to mention how uncomfortable it can make the kitchen to cook indoors on a hot day. It's certainly not hot yet, but the outdoors and fresh air beckon.

So, it was night #3 on the grill this week and this time it was BBQ pork chops and baked beans. These are both Cooking Light recipes that we've been making for quite a while. The boys love them and they are easy enough for them to help out.

The side dish contains pinto beans, an ARF, so I'll be submitting tonight's dinner to Sweetnick's ARF round-up if I'm not too late.
Photo from Cooking Light

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