Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday Weigh-In

Why Wednesday? Because I'm most likely to indulge on the weekends and hate to weigh myself on Mondays, that's why.

Weigh-in is also a literal and not-so-literal term here. I will physically get on the scale and weigh myself each Wednesday morning (first thing in the moring, naked, after peeing, of course), but I will also talk about fitness, nutrition, anything related to healthful living here on my blog. I'll be posting more than once a week - once on Wednesday and then again over the weekend and we'll see how that goes. On Wednesdays I'll talk about my accomplishments and missteps over the past week and on the weekends I'll try to talk more about approaches and tools for a more healthful lifestyle.

My Goals

My goals, and these are always my goals whether or not I need to lose weight, are to eat right and to exercise regularly. Of course that's a very simplified version of my goals, but that about sums it up. I feel that my diet at this point is pretty good - I get a good variety of whole grains and vegetables on most days. My problem is my sweet tooth and simply eating too much. Along with trying to eat less, I definitely need to exercise more. I used to get in 4-5 workouts a week on a fairly regular basis and that's just not happening anymore. I need to make it happen again.

I'll start simple this week.

Exercise: 4 days of cardio, 3 days of strength training
Diet: Eat fewer sweets

As incentive, I am posting this cute little progress tracker that I found at Ticker Factory. Just a little motivational tool - I'm big on those. Let's see that baby move on down the slide-rule....

Join me!

If you would care to join me, just send me a link by each Wednesday evening and I'll be happy to post a link to your blog here. Again, don't feel you have to literally step on the scale - you can write about anything health and fitness oriented. Perhaps your goals are not weight-related at all, maybe you just want to eat a more heathful diet or change up your workout routine. Great! Join in - write about your goals, accomplishments and areas that need work!

The only requirements I put on including you in my Weigh-In Wednesday posts is that it be a healthy approach to fitness and nutrition. No crash diets (or crazy diets like grapefruit-only), no diet pills, and preferably no surgery (only because I don't know enough to feel comfortable discussing surgery - that's a whole other realm and deserves its own forum).

Live well!

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  1. I will happily join you in the Wednesday Weigh-In project. I could use a little inspiration, and maybe posting about it will help. I can't tell you how many times I started to blog about watching my weight...getting it "out there" will be good.

  2. I'd love for you to join in, Erika. :)

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

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